Secondary School: May 2019 Edition

Film Fly Experience Australia

Film Fly Experience Australia is a platform for students from across south Asia to display their linguistic, creative and technological skills and get a chance to explore university options in Australia. This is a competition organized every year by Australian Trade and Investment Commission for students of grade 9 to 12.

Ansh Agarwal and Rishi Mohan of MYP 4 chose to work on a new and sustainable method of producing electrical energy. Their device, called HEATS, attaches to the exhaust of a vehicle and heats the water in the device. The steam thus generated turns the specialized turbines in the device and generates electricity. The team won a study tour of the University of Technology, Sydney Australia as the first prize in the category ‘Improve the lives of those living in smart cities and urban areas’.

Simar Bhogal and Aanya Chowbey of MYP 4 chose to create a video based on UN Sustainable Development Goals 3 – Good health and well-being. In this particular strand they focused on was combating substance abuse by raising awareness. Novice to the use of camera and technology, the girls created an impactful video using the skills honed in their E-portfolio subject of Visual arts.

Inter-disciplinary unit: Exploring Environment

The inter-disciplinary unit on Exploring Environment could have been very challenging for the students, but gamifying the entire unit with Microsoft educational tools not only made the learning more comprehensive but also helped students to learn new presentation skills. The students created Minecraft worlds ideating and demonstrating the use of renewable and non-renewable energy resources, hence creating a sustainable eco-city. From Bio-domes to self-sustainable houses and multi-level farming, students came up with varied ideas and solutions to build an eco-friendly world.

Students of MYP 2 continued to explore the human impact on environment under the inter-disciplinary unit. They identified the human activities that have caused the impact on environment and brainstormed solutions to these. Students ideated solutions to the issues, and communicated their research and efficacy of solutions by recording videos on Flipgrid. Students also created SWAY presentation on ‘Type of Interactions’ and presented in the class as a supporting document for their videos.

Exploration of Shakespearean drama

An exploration of Shakespearean drama under the global context of Orientation in Space and Time in Language and Literature MYP 4 classroom culminated in the students producing a creative group project. They created mini- films, through which they attempted to convey not only their understanding of character and other essential literary elements, but also present their understanding of how literary work survives the test of time and can be received and interpreted in a variety of ways. Examples of students’ work included a vlog of Lady Macbeth, a series of three trailers for the larger film,  a talk show, a TV spot and a parody. The students had to use technology and video editing to create mood, present the setting and lay emphasis on the elements of the mise-en-scene. Some added special effects, both visual and sound, some added related advertisements and even bloopers. It was an engaging experience for the students to plan, create and work on the task and later view and evaluate the final projects together.

Credits: Simar Oberoi, Naisha Dahiya, Ananya Kar, Mehak Oberoi, Pratham Goel (MYP 4)
Credits: Aditya Naresh, Aryan Mandahar, Mahin Sardana, Sohani Potu, Tamanna Rathore, Adhiraj Sinha (MYP 4)

Using tech tools in Mathematics

Students of MYP 3 studied the concept of networks and explored the friendship paradox as a project. They conducted surveys in the school community and used various tools like to present their findings. They collated all results and analysed them using their knowledge of statistics and graphical representation.

The students used Google forms to collect and graphically represent data from community about financial literacy and planning patterns. Student of MYP 4 then analysed the results using their knowledge of statistics like tools of dispersion of standard deviation.

3D Modelling

Students of MYP 1 took inspiration from different tribal art forms to create 3D models using tools like 123d Design. While creating the 3D models, they reflected on the significance of perspective and accuracy of dimensions of models created in 3D space. Students got an opportunity to explore art forms varying from Egyptian culture to traditional Indian art forms like Warli and Madhubani. 3D models created by students ranged from jewellery pieces to paper weights and stamps.

Design to promote healthy lifestyle

To resolve lifestyle health-related issues in the school and in the community, students created graphic designs such as posters and brochures to raise awareness among their peers, family and friends. The topic such as isolation, peer pressure, parental pressure and bullying were some of the common issues students wanted to highlight through their designs. They learned and used Adobe Photoshop to enhance graphical designing skills. Students also worked on creating awareness taglines and slogans on their posters.

Animation to narrate the evolution

Students of MYP 3 created animations to narrate a storyline of evolution of a theme/topic/character using Adobe Animate. From evolution of Earth and the continents to evolution of their favourite fictional characters, students demonstrated their creativity in sketching and making characters come alive on the storyboard. This unit of Digital Design was aimed to appreciate the way designers bring multiple perspectives in their creations.

Promoting productivity through Design

To enhance the productivity in students and working adults, students of MYP 4 brainstormed to create authentic products. They worked on creating apps, websites, CAD models to provide solutions to their potential clients. Students used extensive research and thinking stills to create solutions which are applicable in real life situations. The solutions varied from a ‘File organizer and scanner’ app for mobiles to a 3D model of a well-organized desk and a layout of a study room.

Science and Technology for specially-abled

An inter-class competition was conducted on ‘National Science Day’ where each class presented an innovation in Science and Technology which could assist the specially-abled. Students proposed varied innovations like ‘Wonder Wheels’ providing not only comfort but security and safety at the same time, ‘Ultrasonic Spectacles’ sensor which can sense obstacles near us, ‘The Bionic Body’ equipped with hero arms, an artificially intelligent ‘Vehicle for the blind’ with a navigation system, Fonts for dyslexic, a guide dog called ‘Robotworx’ to help visually impaired navigate their surroundings and ‘Cyber lens’ for the color blindness implant.

Folk Tales: Audio book

As part of the unit ‘Preserving our Past’, students explored various folk tales from countries like Japan, Russia, Albania, Australia and India. They studied the form, structure and themes of these stories. Students created their own stories based on the elements of stories learned by them. They selected various themes including perseverance, forgiveness, reflection, wit and courage. These stories were recorded and converted into an audio book for the blind students. 

E2(Education Exchange), Paris

Microsoft held its fifth annual Education Exchange (E²) conference with educators and educational leaders from around the world in Paris from April 1, 2019 to April 4, 2019. Participants were able to exchange ideas to develop innovative classroom experiences and explore emerging trends in education that support the classroom. In addition, promote collaboration and advance modern techniques of teaching and learning. It was a proud and humbling moment for Ms Preeti Singhal, Computer Science and ITGS Facilitator, to be selected to represent the school and the country at such a grand platform and win the second runner-up award in the Educator Challenge at the conference.

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