DPSI Tech Expose: Grade 3 to Grade 5

Keeping true to transdisciplinary learning, students from grades 3-5 were led by the ICT department to explore art using digital tools. The initiative was based on the principles of self-sufficiency towards self and support for the environment. Students researched about the good work being pursued by mega corporations around the world to promote the message of ‘do it to prove it’.

The United Nations SDG 3 that focuses on Good health and wellbeing together with the 12th one that talks of Responsible consumption and production were kept in mind by students before they began to understand the complex relationship between personal sense of responsibility and an open mind to recognize good that impacts all mankind. Students conveyed their thoughts with digital art posters using PowerPoint tools. It brings together the ideals of the Father of the nation and the relevance of World habitat day.

Do enjoy the Tech Expose by browsing the links below:

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