Primary School: May 2019 Edition

Interface of technology is an inseparable part of today’s life. Students born in the digital age are more accommodating to technological tools compared to earlier modes of education. Technological interface helps in strengthening many aspects of early childhood education and all-round development. Collaboration, co-operation, and positive learning experiences between children, or between children and adults is better delivered by ICT that supports individual needs of learners . It  helps to explore a world of new ideas and thoughts connected to different units of learning.


The teachers at DPSI try their best to expose  students to latest tools in education. Students in the Early Years Programme engage in learning about robotics with a Bee-Bot. They learned directions while moving the bot forward, backward, left and right. They worked on  computational thinking ability to complete the task in the best possible manner.

“The power of MS-PowerPoint is unbelievable for its use of animation and design. Creativity with a difference!” Etaash Dasaur , 4C

“AI in a robot has made  our life easier. Waiting to see my country listed among tech savvy nations” Aarit Kapoor, 3B

Grade 2

Writing is an art and it cannot be  taught during English lessons alone. For the unit on life cycle, students made a beautiful booklet to denote  the life cycle of butterfly, bat and frog using the Book Creator app, thereby integrating ICT with the Unit of Inquiry. Some drew illustrations while others wrote their understanding about the same. They exhibited their creativity and research skills during this task.

“Digital technologies are used to explore and discover new frontiers and at the same time are the source of new discoveries”

Arpita Saxena, PYP Coordinator

Grade 5

When the topic ‘Changes experienced during adolescence’ was introduced to students, they decided to use an online tool PowToon to present their understanding of the changes as they perceive them in  their preteens. They used pictures, text, voice overs and animation to present the most beautiful of interpretations.  They used their creativity to make presentations and enhanced their research skills while working on the unit.


Students explored educational games and had fun identifying shapes while also engaging in colouring activities. The task enhanced their fine motor skills.

“Minecraft helps me to widen my horizon of imagination. Gamification is unlimited creativity” Aayush Kumar, 4C

“Robots are meant for bigger innovation and survival of mankind”

Swarnika Sharma, 5C

“Technology helps me  to learn faster and in an easier manner. Interland helps me to understand the ways in which I can keep myself secure while using the Internet.”

Avyukt Srivastava, 4B

Grade 3

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not only about an interaction with ‘Sophia’  or a command  for ‘Alexa’ to play songs. It is also the next big thing inside classrooms. Students are having fun  learning how AI is changing  lives as they also become sensitive to the impact it has for  better or worse. An online tool that gave  insight about illustrating  in a super easy way was explored. The  AI drawings were innovative, for they opened up limitless possibilities to think and illustrate.

“Artificial intelligence made life easier. Reading and dictation feature in MS-Word has helped me to enhance my communication skills”.

Kanav Agarwal, 5D

“AI is changing the world for good but with the advancement of technology, we are becoming too dependent on it, thereby leading a sedentary lifestyle”

Avighna Richariya, 4B

From lights to installation of digital animation; technology has filled the creative arena of dance effectively” Vaishak Raj, Dance faculty

Grade 1

‘Save animals’ is an oft repeated phrase but do we actually make a difference? Young learners at DPSI made a point to educate  people around them by creating posters that gave insight into their sensitivity towards animals. Worthy messages put their point across effectively. Research skills were enhanced as finding the right picture for their message was a challenge. Applying their thinking skills to address the world with a message that tugged at the heart strings showcased learning with compassion!    

“Technology in education will help me prepare for my future career”
Nikunj Seth, 3A

Grade 4

It is a big challenge to manage  conflict when it relates to an individual. Solving issues during a conflict became easy when students of Grade 4 explored an online tool that promoted making of stories with the use of a comic strip. It gave wings to their creativity to make  beautiful scenarios using the tool.  ICT lessons drew on their skills of communication and visualization to put a  variety of comic strips together that portrayed superhero characters of their liking.

“Technology… inspiring minds to cloud together… fostering change…sprouting a new world”

Antara Kundu, ICT faculty


Technology is the fulcrum of change, to a new world, where ideas cloud together, charting uncertainty and unshackling complacency. Technology is the harbinger of change that allows learners to communicate, collaborate and create. The Edge programme offered to enthusiastic learners from Grades 3-5 allows them to take their learning to the next level. This program has introduced students to gamification through the use of Minecraft and KUDO, programming through Scratch and Hour of code, while enhancing creativity with the use of Paint 3D and netiquette using Google Interland. At DPSI, we inspire minds to  connect and innovate!


“Evolution is relentless; it finds a way to make a change-  sometimes in several different ways”-Alvaro Valino. As Grade 5 explore the impact of ‘how the world works’ they have found some researched theories that suggest human legacy could be on the brink! AI may stretch human existence and render the true human emotions useless. Where are we headed? What do we seek? The future lies in our hands and caution seems to be the key to advancements!  While technology continues to ease our lives, it surely is the reflection of the prowers of the human mind and its capabilities. To say that we tap into a  mere 10% of our grey cells is surely a compliment …technology like all other developments is the fruit of a fertile human mind!
– The HUMANSAGA, Team PYP Exhibition

2 thoughts on “Primary School: May 2019 Edition

  1. What an amazing effort… well we get definitely see the tech edge in my child and how she explores various apps, so the focus in imparting technical knowledge is evident. Thank you!

    I really liked to see a quick glimpse of what is being taught to our kids at various levels… its wonderful idea to start this blog.

    Quick point – is it possible to put a HOME button or LINK to primary & secondary school on individual pages… one needs to click on Back button instead.

    Thanks again


  2. Amazing effort! It is really amazing to see small kids going through apps and technology with such an ease.

    I can very well see the awareness and advancement of technology ..the way my children handle it on daily basis it definitely shows their is really good. Great idea.


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