Primary School: December 2019 Edition

Technology is the reindeer on which rides the Santa Claus of all transformative learning. A predominant need, technology empowers an individual to access, organize, present and store information. Technology has a significant impact on learning both for educators and students, for keeping abreast with developments can be a daunting task. Upskilling as an ongoing process to make every child comfortable in the use of technology is the need of the hour. At DPSI, faculty members and students are exposed to diverse options to empower themselves.


Game-based learning plays an important role in teaching by making students collaborate, communicate, interact and work in teams. Students of early years explored educational games and strengthened their concept of counting and quantity association. Working with the Doodoo Pad drawing app to draw colourful rakhis posted creativity on iPad screen.

Technology allows us to communicate with people in other parts of the world with click of our finger.Suhaana Khanna, 5C

Grade 2

Coding is the new literacy that affords students a chance to hone their creativity, problem-solving and collaborative skills.  ScratchJr aids young learners to program their own stories and games. Students of Grade 2 reflected on their understanding about processed and unprocessed food using different blocks of code.

Working with Minecraft empowered them to build virtual homes.

“Technology extends a helping hand to teachers who sometimes find it hard to explain certain concepts within the boundaries of a physical classroom.” Dr. Tapasya, PHE Faculty

Grade 5

Students of Grade 5 identified primary and secondary sources of research. For a design challenge, they analysed the statement, listed keywords and prepared a few research questions to help them gain authentic information. Fifth graders created simple machine models as apart of ICT integration with the unit on machines. Their creative thinking skills came to the fore with 123D design.


Play is the brain’s favourite way of learning and it is an integral part of every childhood. Students honed their communication skills while playing and exploring different devices like phones, bluetooth speakers, remote cars etc. Students developed their logical and critical thinking skills while working on coding apps like Kodable and Code-a-Pillar.

Robots can do what we have not imagined and what looked impossible till yesterday..hail technology!” Nigamanth Srivatsan, 5B

Grade 3

Students experienced augmented reality by designing 3D models of sense organs with Paint 3D and viewed objects on merge cube using an object viewer app. Students developed their research skills and used Google Earth to enhance their understanding of the physical features of the planet.

Technology helps me to explore and be my best. I created a platform where people can share their poems. ( )”. Yash Bhatnagar, 5B

“Technology as per my understanding is convenience.” Saanvi Aswal, 4C

“Information and Communication Technology in education accelerate greater opportunities for interactive communication. Authentic learning is bound to empower learners.” Rimple Seth, Grade Level Representative for 1&2

Grade 1

Healthy food promotes health. Keeping this thought,students enhanced their research skills by finding appropriate picture on the internet to design a virtual plate of healthy food with MS-Paint. They also designed a food pyramid to depict proportion and food categories.

Saving animals is our responsibility and who knows it better than first graders who spread their message using the PicCollage app.  

“Technology can do anything for you so use it correctly.” Aayush Kumar, 5C

Grade 4

The plethora of information, data on fake news, misinformation and media literacy are hard to keep up with. Students need to learn to distinguish between real and fake news to help them gain authentic understanding of the world. Media at the center of learning enabled students to explore a variety of templates to create pamphlets that aimed to promote social media accountability with MS-Publisher.

“Technology makes our life easy. If we are lost, we can use Google Maps.” Ahaan Kashyap, 3C


Students from Grades 3-5 enjoyed ICT edge lessons with Adobe to learn designing a page, post, video and product design using 2D Design. Students provided an insight into their creative thinking abilities with a video that promoted Green Diwali. A digital poster on protecting the environment against pollution using different templates and effects was worthy of mention too. Students strengthened their presentation skills while creating a timeline, mindmap and word cloud using MS PowerPoint.


While tinkering in the Makerspace Lab at school,students from Grades 1-5 have been using technology tools to research information to draw up a lesson plan for their product design. Making a prototype that depicts their interest and is produced out of recycled materials required gathering ,organizing and revisiting information largely from technology backed sources.
– Team PYP ICT

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